Current Adoptions

Oscar is a quiet and gentle soul who loves lots of pats and lots of love. He will melt your heart with his intoxicating eys that looks deep into your soul. You just can't help but fall on love. (DOB: approx 14/11/2017)

Microchip No. 900079000334967

Contact: Yolanda 0403 048 217

Pluto is a mischievous little boy. Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth! Pluto has so much love to give and together with her sister Abbey they are sooo devine - head butting you contantly and eventually, once they are all tuckered out, will curl up on your lap. (DOB: approx 14/11/2017)

Microchip No. 900079000334963

Contact: Yolanda 0403 048 217

Abbey is soooo devine. She thinks you're a climbing device and walks all over you while head butting you and showing constant signs of affection. Then she's exhausted from purring so much and curls up on your lap in pure contentment. (DOB: approx 14/11/2017)

Microchip No. 900079000334965

Contact: Yolanda 0403 048 217

Chewy is a very handsome ginger kitty who loves, loves, loves his humans. So much so, that he prefers to be the only feline in the house. It's not that he is aggressive in any way, but other kitties scare him and he looses his confidence to relax and chill on the bed, as cats should. Chewy's new human should be patient and gentle in the first few days of his arrival by giving him some time to explore and not expecting too much from him. In time you will be rewarded with a beautiful feline friend who loves headbumps and looking deep into your soul with his hazel eyes. (DOB: 7/03/2017)

Microchip No. 956000006216329

Contact: Claire 0405 633 166

Pumpkin is a stunning looking boy with a spotted and striped coat. Pumpkin is wary of strangers but is becoming braver every day. He is very playful and wears himself out and then looks for a lap to cuddle up on. He rewards your pats with the loudest of purrs. Pumpkin also likes a chat and will talk back to you a lot of time. He is used to living with other cats and a friendly dog. (DOB: 26/9/2017)

Microchip No. 900079000308617

Contact: Michelle 0431 943 950

Rigby is a special little man. Confused by something or someone in his early life, he was extremely shy when he first came to foster care. The kind and patient person who adopts Rigby will have to expect very little from him for the first few weeks in his new home. He will probably hide under a spare bed, with his big eyes taking everything in while you slowly earn his trust. In time, when he allows you to touch him, you'll find he has the softest and thickest black fur and does actually love to be loved. In return for your patience, you will be rewarded with a very easy to look after cat who observes everything, gets along very well with other cats and absolutely adores kittens. He asks for nothing but a soft bed to call his own and when he thanks you for his tasty meal or loving environment, he will bump you and chirp at you and stretch out before you in the most trusting way. As you can see from his photo, is loves lounging on a bed during the day. And in the evening he will chase his favourite ball and return it to you. (DOB: 15/11/2016)

Microchip No. 9000792000235658

Contact: Claire 0405 633 166

Jerry, despite his big-boy size, is the cautious kitten of the group. He has come on in leaps and bounds since being in foster care and he will be a lovely cat in a nice quiet home with humans to love and encourage him to grow his confidence. Will yours be the loving home Jerry needs?

Microchip No. 900079000235640

Contact: Sarah D 0418 235 006

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