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This 14 week beautiful ginger boy is loving, playful and full of curiosity. Shy at first (doesn't like loud environments) Roger has finally come out of his shell and loves nothing more than sitting in his crows nest on the cat post or playing around with our older cats. He is very much his own individual. Roger is aloof at times and loving the next. He has a HUGE purr on him and when hungry he lets you know it! Roger would suit a quiet home as he can be unsociable when there is a lot of people around. He has had minimal contact with our family dog but is comfortable with her.

Microchip No. 900079000235711

Contact: Trudy 0409 413 071

Mandy is a short hair tabby female who came to us along with her 5 babies. Mandy has been the most attentive mother and adopted another two kittens as her own. Mandy is affectionate and loves having some attention all to herself after looking after her babies. She is wary of dogs so would be more suitable to a home without one.

Microchip No. 900079000167364

Contact: Joy 0438 339 883

Petra is a short hair grey/cream torti female. Petra came to PCR along with her 3 babies and has been a wonderful mum. She is gentle, placid and happy to get along with everyone in the foster home. After raising her babies Petra loves nothing more than curling up next to a human especially while they are watching TV. She would be suitable for most loving homes although boistrous children would probably frighten her.

Microchip No. 900079000235578

Contact: Joy 0438 339 883

Jerry, despite his big-boy size, is the cautious kitten of the group. He has come on in leaps and bounds since being in foster care and he will be a lovely cat in a nice quiet home with humans to love and encourage him to grow his confidence. Will yours be the loving home Jerry needs?

Microchip No. 900079000235640

Contact: Sarah D 0418 235 006

Pretty Bonnie is as playful as she is photogenic. This lovely lady is too busy playing for cuddles at the moment but once her energy wears out, a lovely cuddle-kitten appears. Bonnie, like her brother Clancy, will suit any household, and in fact, busier the better.

Microchip No. 900079000235643

Contact: Sarah D 0418 235 006

George is a gorgeous black and white little prince. George is a playful young man who loves to play and explore with his kitten friends and his human friends too. He is an active little boy but when he has worn himself out he loves a warm comfy lap to have a well deserved nap. He gets along great with other cats, dogs and children. (DOB: 1/1/2017)

Microchip No. 900079000185305

Contact: Penny 0414 851 782

Jenny is a sweet silver tabby girl. Jenny is a gorgeous girl who can be a little shy when she first meets new people, but once she gets to know them she loves to have a cuddle and a smooch with her special friends. Jenny gets along great with other cats, dogs and children. (DOB: 09/11/2015)

Microchip No. 900079000235518

Contact: Penny 0414 851 782

Handsome Rani is patiently waiting for you to love him and hug him and tell him how handsome he is. His fur is like velvet and his eyes look deep into your soul. His purr will seduce you and you will be hooked! If you can tolerate his loud purring so close to your ear, his favourite thing is to get a tour of the house while propped up on your shoulder.

Rani is very social with other cats and with his loving human so he needs to be in a home either with another social cat who will play with him, sleep with him and love him, or with people who will be at home during the day to keep him company.

Will your home be Ranis forever home? (DOB: Nov 16)

Microchip No. 900079000167164

Contact: Claire 0405 633 166

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