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Georgie and her kittens

Imagine this. You are a very pretty fluffy kitten, one that your owners get because someone's cat had kittens and they need a home for them. You are raised in the home but you are not desexed, microchipped or vaccinated.
For some bewildering reason your owners pack up and leave, and leave you behind. But the catch is: you are heavily pregnant, hungry, homeless and confused.
You find a wood heap which will give you some protection from the cold and rain...and predators. You wander the streets hoping some kind stranger will give you some food but you can't go too far as you have young babies to feed.
While you are gone something is after your babies so you run to protect them. The predator has one of your baby's legs and is trying to steal it away. You fight them off but get bitten on the back in response. You limp back to your babies and see that one of the baby's legs has been bitten off. You lick it clean and comfort him as best you can even though abscesses are forming on your back.
You need more food to feed your growing babies so you go begging at some stranger's door. They feel sorry for you and start to put food out and give you some kind words. Your babies are now walking and it is hard to keep up with them as well as keeping them fed.
The kind stranger asks for our help and as they have fallen in love with the mum, will take her once her babies have gone to new homes.
This is the scenario we face all too often and Georgie and her babies are the lucky ones because we can take them. They have been cleaned up, have lots of good food and the kittens are being socialized by the enthusiastic loving family members.
There are so many others out there like Georgie who we can't help. The story may not be entirely accurate but the facts are that there are too many undesexed cats trying to survive because someone thought giving a home to a cute kitten was a good idea at the time!




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