Tuesday, 19 March 2019 00:27


Razzle Dazzle (Raza) is looking for an amazing new owner who has plenty of cheese. Raza is a stunning, sweet, quirky but slightly shy boy. He was perhaps badly treated by humans while trying to live alone on the streets at a very young age. Raza was very scared of strangers but is learning they are not too bad especially when they offer cheese. When he gets to know you he loves pats and gives big purrs. Raza's favourite thing to do apart from eating cheese is play, with or without toys, with or without other cats. Raza really likes other cats too especially to snuggle up to and is more confident when around them. He would benefit from having at least one feline companion and it doesn't matter if they don't like cheese.

Mc 900079000688287

Please contact Leeanne on 0403509684 or Michelle on 0431943950